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solar thermal

Solar Hot Water systems can offer significant savings on hot water requirements and thus provide a great opportunity for carbon savings, all the while offering very good payback periods.

Solar thermal is suitable for domestic water heating systems through to complex power plants on an industrial scale.

vacuum tube collectors

a vacuum tube collector solar thermal panel

Flexible modular design with a range of panel sizes to suit applications from domestic housing through to large commercial installations, producing energy at the lowest cost per KW.

Using the most efficient technology available today vaccum tube collectors convert up to 96% of the energy captured and operate at a working temperature of up to 250°C. They are easy to install and maintain with a service life of at least 25-30 years.

flat plate collectors

a flat plate collector solar thermal panel

Flat plate collectors are ideal for domestic installations, where design and aesthetics are important.

They have a lightweight construction for ease of mounting, weighing only 48 kilos; anodised aluminium frame and backplate; an absorber surface of titanium oxide; tempered 4mm solar glass and low heat loss.


All carbonfree group collectors are fully approved to EN 12975-1/2 as well as holding the European Keymark standard.

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