heat + electricity
photovoltaic thermal PV-T

PV-T is an integrated panel producing combined heat and electricity. With the correct systems design, it can provide 100% of both the electrical and heating requirements of a building.

Recommended for commercial and domestic customers aiming to achieve low or net zero carbon emissions in new build and renovation projects.

Photovoltaic Thermal Pannels installed at Crossways Grand Designs Project


PV-T panels can be integrated into pitched roofs or surface mounted onto flat roofs. Installation costs are half the price of installing seperate Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal system. There are also no on-going running costs, for example, fuel for a Biomas boiler. They need exceptionally low maintenance due to the complete lack of moving parts.

PV-T panels produce better electrical yields over standard Photovoltaics (PV) due to temperature stabilisation in the PV element of the panel, resulting in a 25% increase over PV in British climates.


carbonfree group’s PV-T systems are full accredited by the German Solar Institute the TUV.

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